What Am I Good For?

If you're looking for a Toronto Marketing Consultant or a Toronto Brand Consultant, look no further.  If you're looking to elevate the marketing of your current business, start a new one, grow your client base, or simply looking to recession-proof your business, you've definitely come to the right place. I've helped businesses across Ontario in all of the above ways and more for
over 15 years' with B2C and B2B Marketing. Are you working with a tight budget and limited marketing resources? That's my real comfort zone,
where I thrive and can help you to elevate your business. 



What I'm All About

I really dislike terms like, "synergy" as well as the slew of other annoying
marketing buzzwords that marketing consultants use to try to impress their 
clients with. I'm not about any of that fluff, I'm simply a well-seasoned,
stripped-down marketing executer, planner and strategist all in one, focused
on only one goal, getting you the results you expect and more...
Oh, and donuts, I really like to bring those to meetings...





What's Important to Me?

I am a firm believer in treating all my clients fairly and with real respect. I realize that there are a lot of consultants out there that work hard to make you feel about two inches tall to maximize the amount of money they can make off you,  so they are always in a position to make all the calls exclusively...I don't operate that way; this is a partnership that involves understanding, collaboration and respect on both sides, all of which you'll get with me in your corner.

My Background

After many years of successfully helping large companies reach their marketing goals, I saw a clear opportunity to help smaller companies speed up their growth by using the marketing strategies that worked so well for me with larger businesses. Of course, what works for big businesses doesn’t always work for smaller ones—but the principles of marketing are exactly the same.

Working hands-on with large companies and associations helped me to see how valuable those principles can be when custom tailored to a smaller company’s needs. Over the years' I've developed a sound process for helping businesses find the right messaging and the right marketing mix to more effectively outperform competitors and gain more business, and with that, LB was born. Contact me anytime and let's chat about what I can do to elevate your business.


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